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All those playmates,
   all those ice-cream spills, all those
     crips munched under the bed.

Still as clean as a whistle.

Decor overview

Alder Romantic

American Ash

American Maple

Beech Elegance

Dark American Cherry

Dreamy Oak

German Red Beech

Pale Canadian Cherry

Pale Exotic Teak

Stormy Oak

Sunshine Beech

Traditional Apple

Technical information

Decor dimension:

1280 mm x 192 mm

Thickness without/with Sound Protect:

8 mm / 10 mm

Panels and qm/package without/with Sound Protect:

9 panels = 2,21 mē / 7 panels = 1,72 mē

Weight of package without/with Sound Protect:

15 kg / 18 kg

Loading classes:

living room, children's room, bedroom
kitchen, propertys