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Since when do tiles
   give your feet a warm welcome?

Bringing home
   mediterranean style and charm.

Decor overview

Florence Granite

Florence Natural

Florence Sienna

Lorica Stone

Midnight Sun



Pacific Slate Charcoal

Pacific Slate Natural

Venetian Beige

Venetian Stone

Venetian Terracotta

Technical information

Decor dimension:

1188 mm x 396 mm

Thickness without/with Sound Protect:

8 mm / 10 mm

Panels and qm/package without/with Sound Protect:

5 panels = 2,35 mē / 4 panels = 1,88 mē

Weight of package without/with Sound Protect:

17,55 kg

Loading classes:

living room, children's room, bedroom
kitchen, bathroom

The casa collection is also available with the Sound Protect underlay.
The casa collection has the special coreboard Aqua Protect with moisture protection. With the Aqua Protect protection you can lay the floor also in in a bathroom.