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One reason why,
   there's no place like home.

Bringing country living home.

Decor overview

Antique Canadian Maple

Antique Chestnut

Antique Oak

Autumn Oak

Cherry Piemonte

Country Oak

Dark Swedish Pine

Grey Pine

Italian Pine

Marine Oak

Mississippi Hickory

Pale Swedish Pine

Smokey Beech

Snowy Oak

Stormy Rustic Oak

Tropical Pine

Decors with authentic V-groove

Autumn Oak

Country Oak

Dark Swedish Pine

Pale Swedish Pine

Smokey Beech

Technical information

Decor dimension:

1280 mm x 192 mm

Thickness without/with Sound Protect:

8 mm / 10 mm

Panels and qm/package without/with Sound Protect:

9 panels = 2,21 mē / 7 panels = 1,72 mē

Weight of package without/with Sound Protect:

15 kg / 18 kg

Loading classes:

living room, children's room, bedroom
kitchen, bathroom

The antica collection can as well be ordered with the Sound Protect underlay in connection with Antibacterial protection. It is also possible to order the collection only with the Antibacterial finish. Some special decors of the antica collection are available with the authentic joint, Sound Protect and Antibacterial. The decors with the authentic joint are equipped with the Aqua Protect coreboard. With Aqua Protect it is possible to lay the floor in a bathroom.